Susie Homemaker

To the people out there that say I shouldn’t have quit my job, or that I should look in to this job or that job, or that believe there’s no such thing as a single income, 2-parent family anymore, to you I say this:

I have the best job in the world.  I am a homemaker.  Is that term too old-fashioned?  I like it because it’s broad, just like my “job.”  Not only am I “just” a mom (I hate that phrase), but I am responsible for the physical as well as moral upbringing of a future member of our society.  If you’re sick of those brats as children who turn into jerks as adults, maybe you’re with me in believing we need more stay-at-home moms who focus on a proper upbringing for their children.  Focus.  Key word.  I do not support those “stay-at-home moms” who sit on a couch all day collecting welfare or child support or grandma-help while their kids run wild.  Now I know not everyone can be a stay-at-home mom for various reasons.  I’m just speaking for myself.

Being a mom is such a broad job.  Not only is it a 24-hour job for 18+ years but more and more responsibilities, or duties to use a workplace term, are added with each new year, heck rather each new day it seems!  And we don’t even get paid!  As cheesy at it sounds the payoff is something far more gratifying than money.

As a homemaker not only am I a mom but I am a wife.  This job is just as important.  Not only do I have to maintain healthy, happy children but I also have to maintain a healthy, happy relationship with my husband.  This is not always an easy task when juggling everything else that life dishes out!  “Work.”  The job of a homemaker requires work like any other job, only it’s 24/7.

Then add on top of the important personal relationships the lesser but still important duties of housework, errands, cooking (ugh!), and so on and then just making time for “down time” can be a big task in itself.  And as life goes on the duties accumulate.  So this isn’t just a job but a career, not only a career but a lifestyle.  One perhaps that may even require being a “workaholic.”   But it’s worth it.  I love my “job.”  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Yes, in a single income family money gets tight and strict budgets are required but life is not all about money.  Happiness is not all about money.  As a wife I depend on my husband, as a family we depend on God’s blessing.  And the rest will follow.

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